Hendrik Arangies is an HSEC professional with extensive experience in mining and resource beneficiation, both in operational and project development HSEC roles. He also has operational and project management experience in mining, minerals processing, and construction.

Hendrik holds an M Eng (Mining) from the University of the Witwatersrand School of Mining’s Centre for Sustainability in Mining and Industry. The degree focused on sustainability and HSE Risk Management in the mining and resources industry.

From 2003, he became increasingly involved in HSEC management and ultimately transitioned away from production into Environmental and or HSEC management and consulting roles.

Hendrik’s approach to HSEC management has always been the integration between HSEC requirements and operational realities to increase the long-term sustainability of operations through practical HSEC risks management. His production background has assisted him in developing HSEC solutions that are practical and easy to implement.

An important function of HSEC consulting is the ability to engage with operations at various levels to create an awareness of the importance of sustainability as a business enabler in the changing global environment.